How do I link my accounts?

  • Click HERE to link your accounts

How can I get support/report a player/appeal a ban/Kit or Rank Support?

  • For support of any kind, join our DISCORD


How do I get a kit or rank?

  • You can purchase our exclusive kits and ranks in our STORE

How can I cancel my subscription? 

  • Method 1 - Follow the instructions in the email sent right after your purchase
  • Method 2 - Login to YOUR TEBEX PAYMENTS to cancel 

What if I buy VIP for the wrong server?

  • We offer VIP TRANSFERS on a purchase of equal value to another server within the first 48 hours of your purchase for a $3 fee. 

Server/ In-game Questions

What time is daily restart?

  • US Servers 8:00 AM EST
  • EU Servers 2:00 AM EST
  • Restarts general take 5-10 minutes

What commands can I use?

  • Use /help and /commands in game to see info and commands

Why did the server roll back?

  • Every rust server saves the games state, the set interval is 10 minutes. If a server crashes it will restore to the most recent successful save. Items will not be given back due to crashes.

Can I get back items I lost due to a cheater or teamer?

  • No, we do not give back items, there is no exact way for us to know the items that you lost. Even if you have a clip, we will not refund these items, as it is not something we can guarantee to everyone

Streamer Note

In order to report someone for stream sniping you will need the following things:

  • A picture of the player with their name matching, or indicating which player you believe it is to be in your twitch chat, This is REQUIRED
  • The players steamid
  • Your Twitch Link
  • Streamer Mode Enabled in your Rust
  • Chat either OFF or completely covered
  • Some sort of delay, even a small amount can cover you

IF the above is not completed, there is insufficient responsibility taken by the streamer or evidence that would permit a ban


Do Admins play on the servers?

  •  Admins are held to the highest level of responsibility. They do NOT play on our servers and only observe and handle support.

Will an admin help remove a wall or item?

  • Admins will not in most cases break walls or items for players, we understand that some servers will do this for people. Our admins do not interrupt the natural flow of the game and from experience, it takes up lots of time due to a high volume of requests. The only circumstance there would be removal is if it would cause you to end your wipe, ex: bunker issues, admins will determine in a support ticket if they will be helping

Will an admin help get an item you lost or destroyed?

  • We will not spawn in or retrieve any items lost for any reason
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