The following are the rules you have to follow or you risk being muted or banned from Renegade Rust and/or all of its services and products. We reserve the right to change any rank, product and/or service without a refund given a reasonable explanation.

Server and Discord Rules

1. No VAC or Steam Game Bans within 90 days

2. No Rust Game Bans within 180 days

3. No more than 1 Rust Game Ban

4. No more than 2 bans total, including VAC Bans

5. No cheating, hacking of any kind, or the use of any exploits

6. No advertisements, spam, or bypassing the chat filter

7. No racism, homophobia, sexism, doxxing, ddosing/threats or anything else extremely distasteful

8. Use common sense, Admins have final say

Group Limit Rules

1. Respect each servers group limit:

-Duo Servers- 2 per Group/TC/In Base

-Trio Servers- 3 per Group/TC/In Base

-Quad Servers- 4 per Group/TC/In Base

-Main Servers- No Limit

2. Permitted team member swaps per server:

-Duo Servers- 1 Member Swap

-Trio Servers- 2 Member Swaps

-Quad Servers- 3 Member Swaps

3. To bring back a swapped player, you must have a swap left to bring them back

4. Neutrality is allowed, alliances/teaming/merging are not

5. No helping in any way outside of the team limit

6. Players are allowed to give away bases when leaving the server, but transferring bases, loot, or assets between active players, especially if both are still playing, is strictly prohibited

7. If in doubt, ask an admin. Admins have final say.

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